Mangroves National Park

Mangroves national park is he only Marine national park in Congo covering an area of 768 kilometers squared making it the smallest protected area in the Democratic republic of Congo, the park is situated in the Moanda territory at the starting point of the great Congo River. Mangroves national park derives its name from it’s renowned mangrove trees distinctive from the ones found in south Asia.

Mangroves national park is also under Ramsar and recognized as a Ramsar wetland system, it’s home to the endangered manatee population in Congo , the areas flora and fauna is very large supporting a number of wildlife,

Mangroves national park was established in 1992 it’s characterized by mostly Mangroves, lush forests and wetlands the other two areas are the riverside and the coastal strip area.

Activities at Mangroves national park

Wildlife viewing

In the midst of the striking mangrove trees tourists can view a lot of wildlife for example reedbucks, bush bucks, snakes, monkeys, manatee,

View plant species

A part from Mangroves tourists mostly those interested in botany can views a variety of plant life such as oak trees, coconut trees, Wal but trees, red cedar and many more this together with grasslands form breathtaking​ views of the park.

Boat cruising

Tourists can take boat cruises in the Congo River and see hippos, crocodiles, manatees and a lot of aquatic birds plus a reward of panoramic views of the national park.

Bird watching

Mangroves national park is gifted with a number bird species some of the examples of birds in the park are; egrets, King fishers, vultures, parrots and herons among the rest.


Fishing is one of the recreational activities tourists can do to relax after encountering the wild; tourists must come with their own fishing gears there are a number of fish species to be seen.

Best time to visit

Mangroves national park can be visited any time of the year the wet season is very rewarding as the wild plants come to life give nature its full meaning and the hot and dry seasons offer you a reward of better views of the wildlife and sunbathing at the ocean side.

Where to stay

Where to Saturday while on a visit to Mangroves national park will depend on the tourists budget a d choice but there are a variety of places to choose from more so at Moanda.

How to get there

Tourists can access Mangroves national park by air or road to Moanda then realized h the park from there. Tourists travelling during the wet season are advised to always travel with mosquito repellents as this place harbors lots of them.

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