Lossi Gorilla Sanctuary

Lossi gorilla Sanctuary​ is found in the western province of the republic of Congo covering an area of 350 kilometers squared implemented by he local community who were interested in eco tourism, the sanctuary was established on the 10th of may 2001.

Lossi gorilla sanctuary however suffered great loss together with some villagers who contacted the gorilla’s sock of Ebola this lead to the death of over 80% of the sanctuary lowland gorillas. The Ebola fever first struck in November 2001 and about 139 gorillas were reported missing.

Lossi gorilla sanctuary has also got other animals that migrated here die to the clearings and maranta forests the most sad thing is that there is no cure for the Ebola disease for gorillas the symptoms are high fever, diahorea, through the nose and gums.

The good news is that not all gorillas died during the Ebola period, the locals are still waiting patiently for the day gorillas will return to the sanctuary in numbers that they were before.

Activities at Lossi gorilla sanctuary

Gorilla trekking

Lossi gorilla sanctuary is one of the best destinations to do gorilla trekking form the Democratic republic of Congo, gorillas are easily seen not far from the headquarters a part from gorilla trekking tourists can view other primates like the chimpanzees, the colobus monkey, red tailed monkey, Mangebay and many others.

Bird watching

Bird watching can also be done at Lossi gorilla sanctuary the place harbors numerous bird species some are migratory while others are residential birds.

Guided nature walk

Lossi gorilla sanctuary is an ideal place for nature lovers, tourists can take nature guided walks within the sanctuary and encounter wildlife, insects, birds and butterflies plus breathtaking views and also see many plant species.

Cultural experience

Lossi is managed by the surrounding local communities, tourists can visit the people and learn about their ways of life it’s said that 80% of the population of the people living here are between the age of 15-25 years old many of their parents were affected by the civil congolesse wars.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Lossi gorilla sanctuary is in the dry season when the Vegetation is not thick hence easy views of gorillas and the sanctuary roads are easily passable however, the sanctuary can be accessed all year round.

Where to stay

Accommodation at the Lossi gorilla sanctuary is limited to camping however, tourists can get accommodation in the nearby towns.

How to get there

The sanctuary is 500 kilometers from Brazzaville city. Tourists can get here by road or through air transport.

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