Lefini Faunal Reserve

Lefini faunal reserve is a beautifully set up reserve in the Republic of Congo positioned in the Teke plateau near the country’s capital Brazzaville, it covers an area of 6,300 kilometers squared. The main aim of the parks establishment was to protect Congas endangered species especially the western low land gorillas.

A part from the civil wars and poaching threatening wildlife in Congo national parks, there has also been a threat of the Ebola virus that has killed many gorillas and people that came into close contact with them. The reserve is divided into three sectors to the South is the vast Savannah vegetation, the Eastern side habituated by inhabitants.

Activities at Lefini faunal reserve

Gorilla trekking

Tourists can go for gorilla trekking safari and come close to man’s close relatives in the wilderness, people with infections like flu, fever are not allowed to do the gorilla trekking this can lead to transmission of diseases to gorillas, the maximum age for gorilla trekking is 15 years old.


Tourists who would love to explore or experience more adventure in the city can go for fishing at the shores.

Wildlife watching

At the Lefini faunal reserve, tourists can go for a game drive and views a lot of animals like gazelle, antelopes, hippos, buffalos and many monkey species like Columbus monkeys, Mangebay,  and blue monkey to mention a few.

Bird watching

The Lefini faunal reserve also boasts with a wide range of tropical birds that can be seen on your arrival to the time you departure

Cultural experience

To make your safari more memorable, tourists can visit the people can learn about their unique ways of life they can also acquire sovenirs to take home to their loved ones or for remembrance or visit the ancient Brazzaville city with remarkable past historical sites.

Best time to visit

Lefini faunal reserve can be visited all year round

Where to stay

While at the Lefini faunal reserve tourists can select a variety of places where to Saturday from depending on the price of the hotel, proximity and tourists choice tourists can also sleep within Brazzaville some of the lodges where to sleep include; Hotel Astral Djambala, Hotel Vintsie and Hotel Mbela Tsie among the rest.

How to get there

Lefini faunal reserve can be accessed through Brazzaville by road the city is just 200 kilometers from where the reserve is located, international visitors can fly to Brazzaville and then embark on a roaf trip to the reserve.

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