Dominika Mayombe Nature Reserve

Dominika Mayombe nature reserve, is perched within the Mayombe mountains stretching to the western zone of Congo coastal area to the South west of Gabon and to the province of Angola known as Cabinda. The reserve is part of the Guinea congolesse rainforest dotted with Savannah vegetation

Dominika Mayombe nature reserve has wildlife and area have been exposed to a threat in the recent years due to poaching, mining, invasive plant species and poor land use methods cause of the ignorance of the uses of nature or for ivory and bush meat.

Dominika Mayombe nature reserve was established in 1988 and was also recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, the Dominika Mayombe national park has got a mixed type of climate combining the oceaninc traits, humid hot climate and tropical climate.

Dominika Mayombe nature reserve derives it’s name from Dominika village and the Mayombe mountains, the nature reserve is known as Mayumba in Gabon and Maiombe in Angola. To keep the nature reserve at its state and protect he area for sustainable tourism, the three countries had to have a Trans boundary cooperation as the borders we’re marked by trees

Activities at Dominika Mayombe nature reserve

Gorilla trekking

Tourists can go on gorilla trekking safaris and view the western lowland gorillas and many other primate species to be seen plus insects, butterflies and various plant species.


Tourists can view a lot of wildlife such as forest elephants, forest buffalos, bushbucks and many more.

Cultural experience

Tourists can go for visit the people and interact with them most especially in the Dominika ancient village where you can hear stories of the excavation sites and visit some of them, then learn of the past gold mines of he great town. The main economic activities carried here are gold mining, agriculture, hunting and fishing.

Bird watching

The Democratic republic of Congo is a country endowed with different species of birds some of which are endemic to this area tourists can carry along their binoculars and enjoy bird watching.

How to get there

Dominika Mayombe nature reserve can be accessed through the Atlantic coast by road the coast is just about 50 kilometers from the reserve

Best time to visit

The nature reserve can be visited all year round but the best time is in the dry season

Where to stay

There are a wide range of accommodation units were you can stay at Dominika town from mid range, luxurious to camping.

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