Conkouati Gouli National Game Park

Conkouati douli national Game Park is one of the new national parks of the Democratic republic of Congo found on the Atlantic coast in the south western part of the country in the Nzambi and Madingo-Kayes villages, the park is glorious wonder being the richest ecologically diverse national park in the republic of Congo.

Conkouati douli national park is gifted with coastal Savannahs, mountains, rivers, swamps, mangroves, beach, coastal habitat, and many more this makes it and habitat for wildlife some of this forests and rivers inspired in the nomination of the Avatar.

Conkouati national Game Park over an area of 5,045 kilometers squared and was first gazetted as a game reserve in 1980 but in 1989 part of the reserve was degazzted and land was given to the logging companies, on the 14thof August 1999 Conkouati Douli national park changed its status to a national park.

Conkouati douli national park is divided into three zones an Eco development zone with all legal human activities, and habituation, an integrally protected zone that is only accessible by the parks staff, researchers with valid permits and tourists. Conkouati douli national park is the place where the forest meets the sea infact the sceneries are very striking making it one of the planets beautiful places.

Activities at Conkouati douli national park

Game viewing

Wildlife at Conkouati douli national park is in abundant some of the examples of animals to be seen are; forest elephants, leopards, buffalos, chimpanzees, gorillas, cuvettes, monkeys, glowing fish and mandrills among the rest.


There are special designated areas where tourists can enjoy fishing activity there are various fish species to be seen also a d aquatic birds.


Tourists can also visit the people by visiting the villages, acquire locally made crafts, get entertained and learn about their unique ways of life. There are about thirty villages within and outside the park this people survive on farming, fishing and rely on the forests resources to earn a living. These groups of people surrounding the park are said to have been here since the 13th century.

Marine life

Tourists at Conkouati douli national park can view a lot of aquatic life apart from land animals some of the Marine animals are orca, dolphins, whales, humpback, Marine turtles and manatees to mention a few.

A combined safari of seeing the wildlife and the Marine life offers a real adventurous experience of Marine life meeting bush animals this combined safari will make your stay in Africa unforgettable.

Boat cruises

Boat cruises is another way of exploring this gem as you come across a lot of aquatic life including birds not forgetting the breathtaking views of the magnificent flora and fauna.

Bird watching

Tourists can go on bird watching and see bird such as; grey parrot, hairy slit faced bat, pied kingfisher, African harrier hawk, lesser stripped swallow, swamp greenbul, Carmelite, blue breasted bee eater, Senegal coucal, red eyes dove, orange cheeked waxbill, yellow throated long claw, common bulbul, bronze manikin and sooty chat among others.

Best time to visit

Conkouati douli national park can be visited all year round however, the best time is in the dry season when the trees are not thick and the grass is short making it easy to view wildlife. Visitors can also enjoy sun bathing during the this time

How to get there

The park is situated I a remote place and getting her might be a bit hard but tourists can use air or road transport the park is 100 kilometers from point noire a capital of Congo.

Where to stay

The accommodation units are a bit limited due to the areas remoteness but tourists can still find comfortable places where to sleep in like bungalows lodge.

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