Conkouati Faunal Reserve

The Conkouati faunal reserve was created as a reserve in the year 1980 and later on established as a national park on the 14the August 1999, the park is situated inthe south Western part of the country in the Atlantic coast found in the district of Madingo- Kayes and Nzambi who are believed to have settled there in the 19th century.

The Conkouati faunal reserve inhabitants are Bantu speaking people believed to have come from different forest ethnic groups such as Bagombe and Baka groups of people.The reserve boasts with diverse biodiversity of mangroves , mountainous zones, lagoons, Savannah, wetlands and many more.

The Conkouati faunal reserve has received funding to it’s development and creation of awareness to the locals who used to live in the park and depending on the parks resources for their livelihoods. The Conkouati faunal reserve is well known as the most ecologically diverse park with abundant wildlife in Congo.

Conkouati faunal reserve covers an area of 5,045 kilometers squared,

Activities at Conkouati faunal reserve

Wildlife viewing

Conkouati faunal reserve contains some of the Congo’sendangered species of animals some of which are mentees, gorillas, forest elephants, sea turtles, forest buffalos, mandrills, chimpanzees, dolphins and whales

Bird watching

Conkouati faunal reserve is endowed with various species of birds both migratory and residential birds it was also listed among most important bird areas by the Bird life international organization, some of the birds here are aquatic and endemic to this area.

Cultural encounters

Tourists can interact with people and learn the unique African culture get entertained by local traditional groups and acquire locally made handy crafts to take back home for remembrance. Listening to the ancient stories is interesting; there are also historical marks in the towns as it dates back to the 19th century.

Guided nature walks

Tourists can relax while walking on the cool breeze of the coastal shores or even do sun bathing after swimming sometimes even see sea turtles along the way.

Gorilla trekking


How to get there

The reserve is situated near Congo’s economic capital known as Pointe Noire just 100 kilometers away from the reserve

Where to stay​

There are many lodges where visitors can stay depending on their budget and choice. Some of the accommodation units include Conkouati lodge,

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is during the dry seasons when the grass is short and the vegetation is not thick hence easy views of wildlife.

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