Hiking Safaris in Focus East Africa tours gives you true African wilderness experience through active participation on some of our hiking and walking safaris. The hiking safaris is much far different from the other game drives experience where you will be an open jeep, here you walk on your foot feel all the crawling creatures on the soil, come in close direct range with the animals like big cats and other animals. Its quite interesting that East Africa is one of the blessed destinations in Africa where much volcanic activities took place hence creation of block and volcanic mountains, valleys, hills and other creatures. Most of our walking safaris are done in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo with duration of 1 to 6 days depending on the valley of hiking.

Our wide range of tour packages cover the highest African Mountain Mt Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Mt Rwenzori commonly known as the “Mountains of the moon” , Mt Elgon ,Mt Moroto and others (Uganda) Mt Kenya (Kenya) Volcanoes, Gahinga, Sabiyo and others in Rwanda. Brows through are packages and select the best for you, we do provide preparatory information for all first time hikers and more relevant information needed before, during and after  hiking.

We give our guests who intend to do the hiking all the necessary information needed before coming for there best preparations so that they always achieve the best that is why we have a record of 100% success with all our hiking safaris across East Africa. Our professional guides, potters and chefs makes everything as simple as possible so that the guests enjoys their trip, we have all the necessary hiking gears used on the trip.

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