Group Safaris takes you to untamed world with great opportunities, the land of the great opportunities, much hospitable and above all its planet’s greatest theater where every angle is unique and each moment personalized. Depending on where you are in East Africa, Safari is a direct translation for “journey. African safaris are much more active and rewarding as its always said especially Tanzania safaris and tours. The African continent does not disappoint any traveler especially when you book Africa group safaris. The great African sun bathing makes your morning activities more enjoyable both on land and in water, seeing closely the big five through the safari morning game drive or hot air balloon in some parks. We bring you all this imaginations to reality through our experienced staff that has made work of the potential clients easy. Our communication can be done much quicker through email or what’s app which are responded within a a few hours in a day with detailed information of all your intended activities.

If one wants to enjoy the great experience of African then dry months are considered to be the best and this is around June to October. Most of African countries have two rainy seasons in a year the first one in April to May and the other in November to early December though the rains cannot completely affect the daily activities of the trips since it rains for few hours except in Serengeti and Masai Mara where sometimes it can rain and flood the area making most roads impassable. Dry season is most recommended if one wants to experience one of the wonders of the world; the great migration when millions of the wildebeest and over 200,000 zebras and other animals cross the Mara river on the watch of the predators like Lions, Leopards, Crocodiles and others. Our African group safaris makes you not only to pay less but enjoy together experience of the wilderness have evening chat at the camp fire areas and other fun, meeting new people with new ideas and have great discussions among yourselves at free time, most of it are educative and consultative.

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