Flying Safaris make you not only to reduce distance but to save driving time and gives you more time of exploring Africa the land of great opportunities has much to be explored by a tourist though the greatest challenge most travelers face is the road terrain between destinations are mostly worse some times during rainy season they are flooded and bridges washed away making some parts inaccessible. African Flying Safaris not only makes it shorter to transfer from one destination to another but also makes one to enjoy more safaris activities as you remain fresh and strong hence going back with much African experience with no fatigue. Its gives one an eagle and aerial view of our open large savannahs dodging the long drive on dirty holly bumpy roads of Africa from one park to another. Most of African parks especially East Africa national parks and reserves almost all have one or more domestic airfields where domestic aircrafts operate on daily routes more than dozen times.

From our long experience we saw that most clients wants to do much yet their time schedules does not allow them explore to their maximum that is why we introduced flying safaris to avoid waiting hours on the road but spend minutes in air and catch up with an activity of the day, this also makes one dodge transit park entry fees for some destinations like if one wants 3 days Serengeti flying safaris will make you not to pay for park entry fee for Ngorongoro but you can fly in and out direct in Serengeti. African flying safaris helps any aged clients and those with some allergic complications to enjoy their holidays in Africa at ease. We are aware about health status of our clients whom some cannot sit for long bumpy drives even if the cars are 4WD it will still be problematic to them hence opting for domestic flight which doesn’t only save time but also money with the current increasing fuel rates in Africa.

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