Birding safaris,Africa is one of the best destinations on earth with diverse vegetation from semi desert, open Savannah, Rain forests to mountainous vegetation zoning that gives an added advantage to Birding  trips. These harbors over 2300 bird species with an estimated number of 1561 counting around 67% are endemic with a majority found in East African countries: Tanzania comes first with 26 endemic bird species, Kenya second with 8, Uganda third and lastly Rwanda in East Africa.

Birding safaris in Africa has been greatly affected by Africa’s climate favors huge number of birds which are residents and also 1000’s of migratory birds which come from different parts of the world for different reasons others during winter while others come for breeding in Africa. Birding experts who have done multi destination birding Safaris across the globe have fully testified that African remains the top birding destination where one can spot over 500 bird species in one destination which cannot be found anywhere in the world.

Africa used to be well-known for the African big five not until recently where the number of birding tourists increased that opened the eyes of the many who were left behind thinking Africa as a dark continent which a waken most of them with the great experience the continent can provide especially when having fun in the bush walking during your birding safaris. Birding safaris always take long days if one needs to enjoy the best give each destination enough time to fully enjoy the best.

Africa exposes one to great birding species from the smallest Humming birds to the giant Ostriches, rare species like the shoe bill Stork, African Quail-finch, Harlequin Quail,  Red-winged Grey Warbler, Abyssinian Ground-thrus, Green-breasted and African Pitta, Black Bee-eater, Secretary birds. Birds of the prey that include different types of Vultures, Little Sparrow – Hawk, Goliath Heron, Joyful Greenbul, Wilcocks, kites, different kinds of Eagles, Hooded, Rupell’s Grifon among others.

Focus East Africa Tours has a wide range of Birding packages covering East Africa like Uganda safaris, Rwanda Safaris, Tanzania Safaris and Kenya Safaris visiting key birding destinations in each destination.

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