Hot Air Balloon safaris in Tanzania is one of the highlights of an African safari especially for those that need to have an aerial view of the big game, being close to the animals and have an eagle eye at the park. Most of the big parks offer Africa Hot Air Balloon safaris in Tanzania takes you up on air floating on air with the balloon when doing the game drive. The most popular parks being: Serengeti National park in Tanzania, Masai Mara national Reserve in Kenya, Murchison falls national park in Uganda. Hot air ballooning starts early in the morning at sunrise mostly done after morning cup of coffee or do it pre-breakfast time then take bush breakfast after the balloon safari moment. Whilst on Africa Hot Air Balloon safaris in Tanzania, your balloon goes up to 1000 meters high above the animals making you see the animals at their true size as you feel the fresh cold atmosphere. They always say the higher you go the cooler it becomes. When your floating on air land below you is the peace of dawn as we observe early morning African sunrise with its rays pointing towards the eastern horizon, the weather start changing and becoming warm, the animals start moving to cool place around the trees to look for hide outs and shelter as they wait during early afternoon to go and drink some water along the main streams or rivers around the parks.

At that point we now lower down our Hot Air Balloon safaris in Tanzania to the landing point where we will have a glass of champagne or breakfast depending on the program of the day. The drivers always keep time as they communicate with the pilot for pickups as soon as possible. Serengeti Balloon safaris in Tanzania in Africa are mostly regarded the best way of exploiting the wilderness at easy avoid dancing on the bumpy roads of the park, avoid extra charges of off track driving in order to see special animal with balloon you enjoy all corners of the park though its luxurious it always cost effective and worth its price. See some of the top destinations for Africa balloon safaris below.

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