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The Tanzania tourism industry not only offers countless sights of wildlife and adventure, but also has some of the best wildernesses in the world. A big portion of the country is protected for wildlife squaring past 42,000 Square Kilometers in total. Mount Kilimanjaro – The highest mountain in Africa is found in Tanzania. This attraction couples with other 5 world heritage sites to make up a total of 6. Three of Africa’s seven wonders are found here and these include; The Great Serengeti Migration, Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. Far East lies Zanzibar, an archipelago of islands with some of the finest beaches in the continent. Going on Tanzania safaris is a true ticket to paradise. The spectacle of wildlife here is apparently one in millions – one you cannot easily find elsewhere. Over the years, Focus East Africa Tours has organized so many successful luxury safaris in Tanzania and we are ready to do the same for you. Allow us introduce you to this magical wilderness, help you discover it and you will appreciate its beauty. We are a vibrant team of experienced individuals who are so passionate about tourism. Viewing this page gets you a step closer! Let us plan your Tanzania luxury tours and rest be guaranteed of an awesome experience.

Popular Tanzania Safari Packages 2018 / 2019

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10 Days Best of Tanzania and Zanzibar (Luxury Treat)

This 10 days luxury package is best for those that want a long experience during their Tanzania safaris. The tour features some of the finest safari lodges, services and facilities. With all these pre-packaged, you are most guaranteed of the highest level of comfort and enjoyment when you travel.

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7 Days Spice of Tanzania - Best Wilderness Adventure

Have a spice of breathetaking wildernesses in just one week with this 7 days wildlife safari. This tour package specifically designed for those that crave to camping in Tanzania. Wild camping often rewards a much closer experience to the wilderness. With this tanzania travel package, you are bound for nothing less but a memorable experience.

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Tanzania Safari Types

What you should know about Tanzania!

Tanzania is not only the best second safari destination in East Africa but also turns out to be among those irresistible African safari destinations that one should visit at all costs. With over 16 safari parks, there is a lot of diversity in its tourism industry. The destinations are enough to keep you engaged for over a month. The pleasant climate, beautiful natural scenery, extra-ordinary wildlife, and very friendly residents all add up for a great Tanzania tours experience. Partaking a cultural experience is a must do here. Over ahundred ethnic groups live in this marvelous country. This leaves you with lots of cultural things to engage in or learn, lots of local cusines to munch on and cultural experience to be part of. Getting this done yourself is very possible but any help of a Tanzania tours and travel company like Focus East Africa Tours will definitely help you get the most from your escapade. We do offer lots of groups excursions and occasionally organize for a bush hunting experience with the locals. Below are some of the interesting stuff you have to know about Tanzania.

Why go on Tanzania tours

Tanzania is a place where you can watch a live episode of the Lion King. This can best be done from Serengeti as it has the highest numbers of lions in the whole world. No safari to Tanzania can be complete without a visit to the Serengeti. It shelters almost every wildlife you would want to see. On a lucky visit, you could see the Wildebeest Migration, an adventure film in the wild. Ngongoro Conservation Area is a another great spot for wildlife viewing. The best sights here are elephants, cheetahs and lions. Ngorongoro and Serengeti are just adjascent to each other; all sitting on the Nothern region of Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro offers one of the best physical challenges to mountain climbers. It is referred to as the "Roof of Africa" because its apparently the highest point on the continent. No place gives you a better opportunity to relax and unwind like Zanzibar does. Its not only one of the best honeymoon spots but also one of the finest when it comes to beach holidays in Africa. There is just so much to see on safari tours to Tanzania.

Cost of a Tanzania safari

So how much does a safari in Tanzania cost? The cost of your Tanzania safari depends on a couple of things like the level of accommodation you are using, the number of days, preferred activities, level of vehicle, mode of transportation, your preferred destinations, bargaining power and so much more. Clients who opt for high end Tanzania safari lodges end up paying more for a super luxury experience. The best safari lodges in Tanzania can charge you over $1500 per person per night. This causes a huge hike on your total safari cost. More days and activities means more expenditures. If you wish to combine the Northern and Southern regions of Tanzania in a single package then flights will likely be involved to shorten the distance. Some of the ways of reducing the cost of your tours is by travelling in or joining a group, opting for shorter trips, staying in moderate accommodation facilities, choosing tour destinations that connect easily to each other and definitely bargainng more.

Where to go

The best tanzania safari parks are found on the northern region of the country. These include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, Arusha National Park, Mount Kilimanjaro National Park, Tarangire National Park plus a few more destinations. The most common and easiest to join are Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara and Tarangire. Kilimanjaro is common too but a bit hard to connect with the rest since it requires a minimum of five days to ascend and descend it. The best safaris in Tanzania are experienced from the northern circuit. The south does have great destinations too but are very remote and require flights. Some of the destinations in the south are Ruaha National Park and Selous Game Reserve. The south is way much cheaper than the north in terms of accommodation. The parks are also less crowded by people which is not the case with the north. You will have all the loneliness in the wild on your game drives.

Southern VS Northern Tanzania Safaris

Both regions are good for tours in Tanzania. However, the north has some of the country's best tourist attractions. So many safaris take place in the north and the tour parks are usually crowded with so many tourists. This has led to a rise in competition around the region. The lodges are very pricey, vehicles are charged at a higher rate and meals are expensive too. Northern Tanzania Safaris are best for shorter trips BUT still, if your pockets are smiling, you can do longer trips for better experiences. A southern Tanzania safari is more affordable but you might have to budget money for flights. Travelling to the north is highly recommended.

Best time to go on a safari in Tanzania

Despite being an all year African safari destination. The best time to visit Tanzania is during the dry season from June through to October. Those that want to see the great wildebeest migration should visit between June and July. Wildebeest Calving can best be spotted between January to February. Animals become easy to spot in the dry season because they tend to roam more around water bodies to hydrate often unlike in the rainy season when the can easily access water from wherever they might be or perhaps take shelter from the rain. The southern circuit has some of the best spots for birders. Bird watching trips are recommended for the wet months of the year.

Flights VS 4x4 Safari Cars

Using flights to connect various destinations is a great chance to have a bird's eye view of the national parks. It also shortens the distances and makes your movements easy. Please note that Tanzania is a very big country and there is quite some distance between each tours destination. Flights come at an expense and most of the time they'll charge you for a 4x4 safari vehicle too since a guide will have to follow you and pick you up when the flight lands. Only opt for flights if you can fix them in your budget.

Budget or Luxury Tanzania Safaris

Tanzania receives over 1.5 million tourists each year. Over 90% of this number visits at least one or two of the northern circuit destinations. This huge number has increased competition and pushed it to a near luxury safari destination. If you have Tanzania safaris on your budget list then you ought to be ready to spend a good amount of money on your safari. The budget experiences are still expensive compared to other destinations like Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya. Just as mentioned above, the southern and western circuits offer a more rewarding budget experience compared to the north. You can get to save more by visiting Tanzania safari parks situated in these regions. Your Tanzania safari company also contributes much to your final safari quote. Some operators will offer you good rates while others will want to make abnormal profits from your trip. We offer very affordable Tanzania holidays. Our safari packages come at unbeatable offers.

Packing List & Clothing on a safari in Tanzania

Your activities and destinations determine the kind of stuff or clothes that you should pack for your tours in Tanzania. The kind of clothes or equipment that you pack for a Kilimanjaro safari contradicts the list for wildlife safaris. Its best to contact us after booking your safari and we shall guide you accordingly.

Zanzibar Extensions

Zanzibar Island is one of the true tickets to paradise. The island is one of Africa's finest when it comes to beach holidays. Its a great place for honeymoon or romantic getaways too. This island is usually added to the end of your safari to kill of your fatigue before you depart. The easiest way to access Zanzibar is by using flights. Just in case you wish to add Zanzibar to the end of your package, you can request us to organize this for you.

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Focus East Africa Tours is made up of a team of professional, vibrant and experienced employees who are willing to go beyond boundaries to craft you an unforgettable safari in Tanzania and the East African region at large. Our trips come at unbeatable prices irrespective of the experience you are booking for. We are the whole tool and box for your next safari. Drop us a mail and we shall respond to you within the shortest time possible.

With the Tanzania safari packages above, you have variety to choose from before you travel to Tanzania in Africa. Endeavor to schedule your tours for the best months else your experience might get ruined by heavy down pour. These favorable months are June to October and December to February. Visiting in these months will guarantee you sights of big wildlife herds in any of the destinations you are bound for. Wildlife tends to be more visible during such dry months and can mostly be spotted at water banks which is not the case with rainy seasons when they tend to take shelter from the rain. Luxury Tanzania safari tours are highly recommended because they offer the most comfort. Nothing beats the feeling of seeing a spectacle of wildlife and returning to the comfort of an outstanding accommodation facility for an overnight. Do not hesitate to spare those extra bucks and upgrade your Tanzania safari package if possible.

We are undoubtedly one of those Tanzania safari companies that will guarantee you enjoyable wilderness encounters. Much as we offer so much of luxury tours, we occasionally downgrade to shoestring if you have less to spend on your travel holiday. We also have several partnerships with safari lodges that affords us their services at discounted rates. Do not just get freaked out! We are known to offer some of the most price sensitive safari packages in the industry. Get in touch with us today for a quote.